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This blog is my daily dose of motivation. I want to motivate myself and others to pursue healthy lifestyle. THIS IS BODY POSITIVE BLOG. Fitness is not just about looking good. Knowing you're healthy and strong is priceless. Let's get healthy and happy together!
about me

- Lena, 25 years old.
- Height - 1.67m (5.5 feet)
- Weight - 58 kg (128lbs)

- to maintain my weight
- to gain some lean muscle
- to become more flexible

I do my workouts mostly at home. Here on the left you have my favorite youtube channels. Check them out and also check my "workouts" tag for awesome at-home routines. Thank you for visiting my blog, if you like it (or not) let me know. There are few photos of me in "my body" section. Love you guys!

Besides fitness, I'm also very passionate about reading.
I like books, especially classic literature. I also like writing poetry.
I have another blog, it contains pictures of everything I like about this world.. Check it out. xoxo!

Most processed ‘sugar-free’ products.

Most processed ‘sugar-free’ products.

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    Why was this approved?! And its in pretty much all fizzy drinks but also in squash too!
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    Most processed ‘sugar-free’ products.
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    OH MY GOD PLEASE CAN PEOPLE DO THEIR FREAKING HOMEWORK http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3198517/ “human...
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    Not forgetting symptoms of MS, the list goes on forever!
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    HERE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS ASPARTAME IS IN: Gum Yogurt Diet Soda Sugar Free products Drink powders (i.e kool aid)...
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    And my dad still can’t figure out why he feels so bad when all he drinks is diet soda.
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    ya its bad when bugs don’t want any part of it…
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